The 7 Best Tennis Rackets for Intermediate Players (2023!) (2023)

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When looking for a racket as an intermediate player, there are dozens of brands and dozens of models within each brand. You can easily waste money demonstrating dozens of rackets.

We've researched and tested the best tennis brands so you can find the best tennis racquet for intermediate players, whatever your game type. Next, you'll learn how to choose a racket that suits your game. So, you will see the 7 best intermediate level rackets on the market today!

Here are the 7best tennis racketsfor intermediate tennis players. We review each racquet in more detail below.

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How to choose a tennis racket for intermediate players

We have a complete guide onHow to choose a tennis racket, so if you're transitioning into tennis or just haven't learned much about racquets before, we recommend starting there.

Quick guide summary:Larger racquets are for beginner players and provide more power. Advanced racquets are smaller but generally a little heavier. Smaller racquets help more with control, but have a smaller sweet spot for the player to make contact with the ball.

3 steps to finding the perfect tennis racket for your game

Free checklist of 27 snowshoe recommendations

Are you ready for an intermediate racket?

Decide which of these best describes you to see what type of racquet you need.

beginner tennis players

I'm new to tennis and have only played a few times. I'm thinking of getting more serious and looking for a racket to practice more. I might start taking classes too.

If this is you, check out our picks for thebest tennis rackets for beginners.

intermediate level players

I used to play recreationally but it's been a long time, OR I started playing in the last 12-24 months and want to take my game to the next level. I manage to hit the ball into the net constantly, but I can't always control where it goes on the court. I mostly try to get it back. I prefer to hit from side to side (usually to the right). My groundstrokes and serves don't have much power or spin.

If this is you, you are in the right place!

advanced level players

I play regularly and control my shots with positioning, power and spin. I also serve with power and spin. That would be 4.0 and above inUSTA scale.

If that describes you, check out our sixThe best tennis rackets for advanced players..

Tennis Racket Specification Table

This table provides a good general guide to follow. There's more to making a racket than just these metrics, however if you don't want to spend hours reading about things like swing weight and balance these are the most important ones.

Racket SpecificationsBeginner players onlyIntermediary
and some beginners
Advanced and somewhat intermediate
head size
(square inches)
107 – 115100 – 11095 – 100
27-2827 – 27,527 – 27,5
Less than 11 ounces10.1 - 11.5 ouncesMore than 11 ounces
priceLess than $150$100 or more$150 or more
Power vs Controlmore powerbalanced racketmore control

If you're still reading, you've decided you're in the right place 🙂

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Intermediate players have more to consider when choosing a racquet than beginning players. You are starting to become a better player and there are more factors to consider.

  • What kind of swing do you have?
  • Need help with power or control?
  • Do you play doubles or singles? Are you a base or net player?
  • How often do you play? Do you want to improve fast?

Answer the following questions to decide what type of tennis racket you need.

What kind of swing do you have?

If you are developing aswing faster and longer, then you can start looking for a smaller tennis racquet (less than 105 square inches). Faster swings usually mean you don't need as much help with power, so a more controlled racquet will suit you better. The best control racket below is thePrince ATS Textreme 100Por thewilson accident 100.

The 7 Best Tennis Rackets for Intermediate Players (2023!) (2)

Forshort or slower swing, you can considerpower tennis rackets. In this case, you can look at 100-110 inch square rackets. Power comes from larger frames, so choose a racquet with a thicker frame like theExtreme Boss MPoYonex Ezone 100below.

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Need help with power or control?

When you're an intermediate player, you start to position your shots better on the court. He also developed a swing that consistently generates power from the baseline to put the ball back in the back of the net. You should also consider the racket's weight and size when deciding what you're looking for.

Rackets with large frames and a large surface area will have more power overall. Smaller frames will have more control.

Most physically fit adults with an intermediate skill level and good coordination can choose a racquet between 98 and 104 square inches and 11 to 11.5 ounces. This will provide a good mix of power and control as you develop your swing.

For younger women or teenagers who aren't as physically strong as most adults, a heavy racquet can cause tennis elbow and other injuries. In that case, compromise with a larger racquet head (over 105 square inches) and opt for one under 10.5 ounces. HeChief Boom MPbelow is the best option for that.

Do you play singles, doubles or both?

Some racquets are better for singles than doubles, depending on the type of game you play.

For players who prefer to stay on the baseline and hit groundstrokes, you can use a racquet that has less mobility with a larger sweet spot and greater power.

The 7 Best Tennis Rackets for Intermediate Players (2023!) (3)

Doubles players, especially those who like to hit the net, need a racket that has good versatility. As you start to play more competitively, the pace of the ball will be faster, so a bulky racquet will affect your ability to react. The best double tennis rackets are less than 104 inches square, making them easier to handle and maneuver. They also help you control and place your volleys.

How often do you play tennis? Do you want to become an advanced player?

You'll need a different racket depending on where you're trying to go. If you want to start taking tennis more seriously, playing in leagues and tournaments, then you will need to acquire a racket that will allow you to evolve to a more advanced skill level. Any of the options below, except the Prince racquet, will help you do this. You might also consider purchasing atennis ball machineto save on tuition.

As you continue to play more tennis, you might want to read equipment reviewsso you can get a better team on the court like the righttennis strings,tennis bagsto carry your rackets, andtennis.

However, if you want to hit recreationally for fun and stay in shape, you can work on a smaller budget and buy a racquet that isn't as advanced.

3 steps to finding the perfect tennis racket for your game

Free checklist of 27 snowshoe recommendations

Below, we'll dive into the details of each racquet, looking at what makes each a good choice for specific types of intermediate-level tennis players.

At the bottom of each review below, you'll see a relative price on a 1-3 dollar scale and our recommended USTA rating level for the racquets based on our research. Some racquets are good for all skill levels, while others are for more specific types of players.

#1 – Wilson Clash 100: Best overall intermediate racquet

Wilson is one of the leading tennis manufacturers, and their racquets are among the best in the industry. Their new Clash series launched in 2019, and the Clash 100 has quickly become one of the best-selling mid-level tennis racquets on the market.

Its new technology is what differentiates this racket fromwilson tennis racketsfrom past. Take feel, control and mobility to a whole new level. Individual players will have no problem controlling the ball and moving their opponent. You'll find the comfort level in your groundstrokes to be as good as it gets. For doubles players, it's easy to maneuver with great feel for your volleys.

Weighing just 11 ounces, this racquet is also easy to swing. The 16x19 string pattern will allow you to develop topspin on your groundstrokes. The 100-inch frame has a large sweet spot with control and comfort unmatched by other racquets.

This isn't the most powerful racquet due to the focus on frame flex, but it's a better choice for adults who can generate their own power.

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read our completeWilson Shock Review.

  • Specifications:100 Square Inch Head Size | 11 ounces
  • Price:$$$
  • USTA Classification:2,5 a 4,5


  • Easy maneuver with excellent control
  • The best feel and comfort of any racquet.
  • very easy to balance
  • Ideal for adults who have fast swings.


  • Expensive for those who don't play often

#2 – Head Extreme MP: Best Intermediate Racket for Power

The Extreme has become a popular racquet for intermediate players over the past decade. Approved by ATP top 10 Matteo Berrettini, the Head Extreme offers excellent power and spin.

The 100-inch square frame is a perfect size for intermediate players. The wide frame gives extra power and the open string pattern allows for more spin. This racquet has everything you need to hit big groundstrokes from the baseline. At 11.2 ounces strung, it's a good weight for intermediate players. You can swing this racquet with ease and maneuver it over the net for quick volleys.

It lacks some control and stability for high-level players, especially at net. However, intermediate players will have no problem defending and attacking with this racket.

read our completeextreme head overhaul.

  • Specifications:100 Square Inch Head Size | 11.2 ounces
  • Price:$$$
  • USTA Classification:any skill level


  • Great for any level
  • Fantastic power on groundstrokes and serves.
  • Excellent spin for players learning topspin
  • Great feel with a generous sweet spot.
  • Easy to balance and manage across the network


  • Lacks some stability and control against the crash

#3 – Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100P: Best Intermediate Control Racket

Prince is one of the most trusted brands in tennis, and their ATS Textreme Tour 100P is a great choice for stronger players who can build their own power. This is one of the most control oriented of allprince tennis rackets.

This tennis racquet's 100-square-inch head size provides a generous sweet spot for a wide range of skill levels. The advanced technology that Prince has put into this racquet, along with the frame design, allows you to create decent power. However, the area where this racquet performs best is in feel and control. The tight string pattern and flexible frame allow players to land great groundstrokes and still control the tennis ball with precision.

At 11.4 ounces, it also has good stability but isn't too heavy. Any physically strong adult who wants a comfortable racquet with maximum control will love the Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100P.

read our completePrince tour review.

  • Specifications:100 Square Inch Head Size | 11.4 ounces
  • Price:$$
  • USTA Classification:3.5 and above


  • Good control and spin for groundstrokes and serves
  • Great feel and easy to swing.
  • Very light with great maneuverability.
  • Good for beginner to intermediate skill levels.


  • Not ideal for intermediate to advanced players.
(Video) REVIEW: Our Top Tennis Rackets for POWER in 2023

#4 – Yonex Ezone 100: The most balanced racquet for intermediate players

Yonex is a fast growing brand of tennis racquets now used by many professional tennis players. The Yonex Ezone 100 is used by many professional tennis players and is a well-balanced racquet for most skill levels.

The 100 square inch frame combined with the 16x19 string pattern makes it easy to control baseline shots with rotation.yonex tennis racketsThey are known for their unique frame design that creates more comfort than most other racquets. In addition, the frame width and weight of 11.2 ounces provide additional power for players just past the beginner stage.

This racquet is ideal for intermediate to advanced players who need extra spin and power. Not a great racquet for beginners who don't make consistent contact with the center of the racquet or for a serve and volley player.

read our completeYonex Ezone Review.

  • Specifications:100 Square Inch Head Size | 11.2 ounces
  • Price:$$$
  • USTA Classification:3.0 and later versions


  • Great power in groundstrokes
  • Excellent topspin and sweet-spot comfort
  • Lightweight with good mobility.
  • Added power and effects to looting
  • Consistent performance from baseline


  • High end pricing for intermediate recreational players
  • Not good for net volleys.

#5 – Prince Ripstick 100: Best for Topspin

The Prince Ripstick is one of thebest tennis rackets for spinning. It helps intermediate players who are still developing their skills to generate additional effects.

The standout feature of this racquet is the open 16x18 string pattern. This increases friction between the strings and the tennis ball, creating more spin than most other mid-range racquets. The Ripstick is available in two different weights and also features Prince's unique O-ports built into the frame. These open ports help to reduce wind resistance, helping you generate more racquet head speed.

This racquet also has excellent power and feel. Any beginner or intermediate player looking to develop their basic topspin shots from the baseline will get the most out of this racquet.

read our completePrince Ripstick review.

  • Specifications:100 Square Inch Head Size | 11.2 ounces
  • Price:$$
  • USTA Classification:up to 4.5


  • Excellent power and effect
  • Great feeling and comfort.
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Ideal for players who are still learning topspin.


  • Not good for advanced players.

#6 – Head Boom MP – Great for cornering and easy to fly

This is the best mid-range racquet for players looking for an easy-to-use racquet that delivers plenty of power. A version of this racket used by Coco Gauff.


The 100-inch square frame provides an excellent sweet spot. Combined with the 318 swingweight, this racquet provides excellent ball feedback from the baseline or at the net. However, it is excellent for individual players looking to play from the back of the court. You will be able to control the point and go to the lines better than most other racquets in this size.

This tennis racket is not a great racket for advanced doubles players who like to hit the net because it lacks some stability. But for most skill levels, it's a great choice. read our otherHead Tennis Racket Reviewsif you like the Head brand.

  • Specifications:100 Square Inch Head Size | 11.1 ounces
  • Price:$$$
  • USTA Classification:3.0 and later versions


  • Very playable for different styles.
  • Easy access to power and rotation
  • big sweet spot
  • very comfortable racket
  • Ideal for learning topspin.
  • Allows beginners and intermediates to improve


  • Stability is lacking, particularly around the net.
  • This version is not ideal for very advanced players.

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#7 – Babolat Pure Aero: great for power and spin

The Babolat Pure Aero, used by Rafael Nadal, is the highest rated spin racquet on the market. If you have a big, fast swing and like to hit a lot of topspin from the baseline, this racquet is for you.

The frame is 100 square inches for a larger impact area and is also built with aerodynamic technology to cut through the air. This will help you generate more racquet head speed and therefore spin the ball. The recommended string tension is 50, so you can also build tons of power into your serve.

For intermediate players, this is a great option if you play single and want to develop your ability to control your shots and topspin points. For more power or control, you can read moreBabolat Tennis Racket Reviews. This racquet is not ideal for a fast-paced doubles player or a player looking for more control. review thePure streamlined lightif you want an even easier racket to swing.

read our completeBabolat Pure Aero Review.

  • Specifications:100 Square Inch Head Size | 11.2 ounces
  • Price:$$$
  • USTA Classification:any skill level


  • The best racquet for power and spin
  • Heavy shots and powerful serve
  • The big sweet spot gives you good feelings.
  • Good for all skill levels.


  • not good for control
  • Not ideal for doubles players.

Conclusion: Our Choice for the Best Intermediate Racket

Intermediate level players literally have hundreds of racquets to choose from. Depending on your playing style and goals, you will need a specific racket.

However, our pick for the best tennis racquet for intermediate players on the market is thewilson accident 100.

The Clash 100 works great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players, so you won't have to switch racquets while improving your game. Wilson has created the perfect "player's racquet" with ultimate control, comfort and feel. This racquet provides mobility for doubles and a combination of feel and spin for singles.


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