The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (2023)

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The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (1)

Since its early days as a joy among wealthy families in Victorian England, the game of ping pong has spanned the globe in both popularity and accessibility. Now you can play ping pong pretty much anywhere with people from all walks of life, just make sure you have a good table,ping pong racket,balls and of course a partner!

We've researched the best indoor and outdoor ping pong tables for every space and skill level, taking into account each table's size, features, and surface area. EITHERMesa Joola Tour 2500it's our top pick for its easy assembly, tournament-grade MDF, and compact storage options.

Here are the 13 best ping pong tables on the market.

Our top picks

In this article

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  • our choices

  • what to look for

  • Frequent questions

  • Why trust not Spruce

What we like

  • Stores easily by folding in half

  • Tournament level quality

  • Arrives almost fully assembled

what we don't like

  • Heavy

In choosing the ping pong table to top our list, we chose a premium product that combines high quality, superior craftsmanship, and durability. The JOOLA Tour 2500 table ticks those boxes and more. It arrives almost fully assembled, so the customer only needs about 15 minutes to complete the job.

The ping pong table proves its durability with its metal frame and undercarriage, along with the sturdy MDF top, which is said to have great bounce and spin. The included automatic folding legs make it easy to set up or store. The table tennis table is also made in Germany, where Guenther Schroeder, CEO ofamerican table tennisHe tells us that the best ping pong tables in the world are made, and he emphasized that JOOLA ping pong tables are sure to be of great quality.

Satisfied users love the regulation size of this tournament-quality table, which justifies its high price and volume.

dimensions:24.5 x 62.25 x 64 inches |Material:Medium Density MDF |Weight:235 pounds |low hill Thickness:25mm

best budget

STIGA Advantage indoor ping-pong table prepared for competition

The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (3)

What we like

  • Good price for the budget conscious buyer

  • Highly adjustable (legs, hammock, locking wheels, storage, play mode)

  • Good for family play and for children to learn to play.

  • Practical and compact storage.

what we don't like

  • Slightly thinner table top may be causing reported warping over time

This cost-effective option from STIGA arrives 95% pre-assembled, saving the customer a lot of time and energy to assemble. The tournament-grade net connects and disconnects easily, and the 5/8" thick backboard is highly playable and can be taken apart or adjusted for game play.

Both the net clamps and leg levelers are adjustable, and the wheels can also be locked to keep the table securely in place. It stores securely, takes up minimal space, and has a safety latch to keep both sections in place during storage. It is also easily transportable and can easily be moved between rooms with the unlockable wheels.

Price at time of publication:$ 400

dimensions:63 x 56 x 5 inches |Material:Not listed |Weight:115 pounds |low hill Thickness:15,88mm

best inside

Indoor ping pong table JOOLA Professional MDF

The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (4)

What we like

  • Easily assembles in 10 minutes or less

  • Comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and one-year warranty

what we don't like

  • Occasional missing, broken, or rusty parts upon unpacking

This particular model from JOOLA is regulation size for an indoor ping pong table and is ideal for playing in the garage or at the recreation center. The MDF top is tournament-grade and features a 0.59-inch thickness. The net is also regulation size and comes equipped with clips to easily attach and remove as needed to set up the table for gaming or prepare it for storage.

The MDF JOOLA Inside Professional can be completely separated into two halves and used individually, with the most popular use being the playing position, where a player can practice without a partner. It also stores easily in two halves and a safety latch system keeps the halves in place during storage. The wheels also lock for storage purposes, but are easily unlocked when transporting the unit between rooms.

Price at time of publication:$ 399

dimensions:108 x 60 x 30 inches |Material:Medium Density MDF |Weight:149 pounds |low hill Thickness:15mm

better outdoors

Pack of 2 Kettler Cabo Outdoor Ping Pong Players

The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (5)

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What we like

  • Weather and UV resistant

  • Comes with a 10-year playing surface and a three-year limited home warranty

  • ergonomically designed

what we don't like

  • Complicated directions and assembly

The Kettler Cabo Outdoor Tennis Player Pack is fully weather resistant, UV resistant and official tournament size. The surface is made of a 5mm melamine compound that guarantees excellent rebound and durability.

This outdoor table comes with an outdoor cover, two outdoor paddles, and a six-pack of ping pong balls. There's space on the sides of the table to store rackets and balls, and there's a floor leveler on each leg to help level uneven outside playing areas.

Price at time of publication:$ 1.601

dimensions:9 x 5 x 2.5 feet |Material:Melamine compound |Weight:130 pounds |low hill Thickness:5mm

best multipurpose

Joola Berkshire Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (6)

What we like

  • in fashion

  • It is easily assembled with two people.

  • It cleans up easily and stands on its own.

Elegant enough for a conference ordinner table, Joola Berkshire has a weather-resistant surface in a polished oak look. It comes with a beautiful powder coated steel ping pong net with a super strong X shaped base underneath.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities, Berkshire brings a touch of modern style to any setting. It makes a great pool,backyard, rec room or backyardpicnic tablewhich converts to table tennis in minutes for an after-dinner game. You should be able to fit ten to twelve guests around the table during dinner. Guests will think it's wood because of its convincing appearance, even though it's made of concrete.

Price at time of publication:$ 2.000

dimensions:108 x 60 x 30 inches |Material:MgO, alloy steel |Weight:343 pounds |Table thickness:not listed

Best for small spaces

STIGA space saving table tennis

The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (7)

What we like

  • Molded in leg levelers will keep your table level and your floor protected.

  • The ball bounce is excellent even though it is a smaller table.

what we don't like

  • The posts of the net are made of very fine metal.

Like a mid-size ping pong table, the Stiga Space Saver's surface is made of MDF and is 1.8 inches thick. We love that the undercarriage and legs are powder-coated steel. It is a high quality table, especially suitable forsmaller rooms.

This pick is great for kids and perfect in any mid-sized rec room or basement. Available in blue (as shown) or wood grain (for a slightly higher price), the Stiga Space Saver comes with leg levelers and a removable net. It's also conveniently pre-assembled, so you don't have to assemble anything. Once you receive it, simply unpack and unfold it and you are ready to play ping pong.

Price at time of publication:$ 220

dimensions:43 x 39 x 5 inches |Material:Medium density fiberboard |Weight:73 pounds |Table thickness:1.8 inches

better for kids

Butterfly junior ping pong table

The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (8)

What we like

  • It comes with a three-year warranty.

  • No assembly required.

  • Ideal for children and adolescents.

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what we don't like

  • Some legs fit wrong

Weighing approximately 75 pounds, the Butterfly Junior table is said to be about three-quarters the size of a standard ping pong table. Ships to your door fully assembled with each half folding weighing 35 pounds and two internal wheels for easy transport and storage when not in use.

Tagged by users as "not too big and not too small", the Butterfly Junior ping pong table is said to be about three-quarters the size of a standard ping pong table, but not small enough to be classified as " mini". It is recommended for people who do not have enough space for a large table or for families with small children.

Price at time of publication:$ 500

dimensions:49 x 45 x 4 inches |Material:Madeira |Weight:75 pounds |Table thickness:not listed

best ostentation

RS Barcelona Fixed Ping Pong Table

The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (9)

What we like

  • Durable and made with high quality components.

  • It can be used inside and outside

  • It can be converted into a dining or conference table.

  • It can be used interchangeably with the rest of the Rafael Rodríguez collection.

what we don't like

  • Discoloration may occur if the table is left uncovered in the open air.

  • The protective cover is sold separately

Available in three finishes: black, white and green, this impressive table has the dimensions of a standard ping pong table. The top is made of a sleek, glossy high-pressure laminate, while the legs are made of angular Iroko wood (a highly durable wood sometimes called African teak), the frame is steel, and the removable net is polyester. The table comes with two paddles and six balls.

Made in Spain, this ping pong table is robust, of high quality and with good finishes and can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. You can also turn it into a dining or conference table as you like.

Price at time of publication:$ 6.160

dimensions:108 x 60 x 30 inches |Material:Laminate |Weight:242.5 pounds |Table thickness:not listed

best professional

Mesa de ping-pong Butterfly Centrefold 25

The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (10)

What we like

  • It comes with a five-year warranty.

  • Arrives fully assembled

  • Excellent pro level skill, well worth the price for a serious ping pong player

what we don't like

  • Quite heavy and difficult to transport when assembled

Available in green or blue, the Butterfly Centrefold 25 is an ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved professional level table tennis table for tournaments and clubs. The top is 1-inch thick and made of wood, and the table has 2-inch square steel legs. The included net is Butterfly's high quality Europa net set.

Centerfold is easy to set up (no assembly required), folds and rolls for easy transport and storage, wheels are lockable. Additionally, feet are adjustable on four of the outer legs to keep the table stable and even for competitive gaming.

Price at time of publication:$ 2.363

dimensions:19 x 60 x 63 inches |Material:Madeira |Weight:280 pounds |Table thickness:1 inch

What we like

  • Super easy and compact to store.

  • Simple setup just involves placing the net once the surface is in place

what we don't like

  • The center hinge below is barely noticeable, but occasionally causes the top to drift off-center or a ball in play to miss its proper trajectory

Conversion table tops come in handy, as they can turn almost any large enough table into a ping pong table in the blink of an eye. The JOOLA 4-Piece Tetra Table Tennis Conversion Top conveniently unfolds its two separate table halves into one pool table top,air hockey table, dining table, picnic table, or many other surface options to set up your ping pong game whenever you and your opponent are ready.

Tetra Top dimensions are regulation size when fully configured, with each of the separate halves weighing approximately 42.5 lbs. It comes with protective pads that you can apply to the bottom to protect the surface below from scratches or other damage. Make sure the surface below is at least 7 feet long and 3 feet wide for best results.

Price at time of publication:$ 299

dimensions:9 x 5 pieces |Material:Madeira |Weight:85 pounds |Table thickness:12mm

best laptop

HearthSong Portable Ping Pong Table

The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (12)

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What we like

  • Ideal for small spaces or quick installation when friends visit

  • arrives already assembled

what we don't like

  • I miss that some take it by the handle; some feel a carry bag would work better

A great gift for the right family with active kids, the HearthSong Pick-Up-And-Go Ping Pong Table is easy to take wherever you want. It comes with two colored rackets and three balls. Made of lightweight aluminum, even children can carry it by the handle to their destination. Store it in the basement or closet for storage, leave it outside after the picnic, in the garage when it rains, or take it on your next road trip.camping trip.

Price at time of publication:$ 189

dimensions:59 x 27 x 26 inches |Material:Aluminum |Weight:30 pounds |Table thickness:not listed

but elegant

Modloft Amsterdam gray ping pong table set with bench

The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (13)

What we like

  • It makes a bold and sophisticated statement in any room.

  • The steel net can be easily removed for dinner or replaced with another setE

what we don't like

  • caro

Modloft's Amsterdam Collection has added a ping-pong table to its brilliant selection of luxury décor, acceptable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with two oars, which are handmade from bamboo, and the table, as well as a removable hammock. The ping pong table is stylish enough to be placed poolside or in the dining room until game time. Then throw it away for a few minutes and change the lids again. Fun!

Price at time of publication:$ 4.999

dimensions:108 x 60 x 30 inches |Material:concrete, steel, fiberglass |Weight:586 pounds |Table thickness:not listed

The Best Dining Table Conversion

Jennifer Fisher eat/game table

The 13 best ping pong tables for your home (14)

What we like

  • Comes with a set of color-matched handmade palettes.

  • Net is fully removable when not in use

what we don't like

  • Spills on marble should be wiped up immediately to prevent watermarks and stains.

This black marble beauty is stunning as a dining or game table in any room you select. You can invite your best friends over for fancy appetizers and a glass or two of champagne before you start playing a lively game of ping pong to celebrate this stylish find. The legs are black powder coated steel and the table seats six for dinner. It is made in Vietnam and imported.

dimensions:80 x 40 x 30 inches |Material:Steel |Weight:400-500 pounds |Table thickness:not listed

final verdict

Our favorite ping pong table, theJOOLA tour 2500, it folds flat for easy storage, only takes about 15 minutes to assemble, and suits beginners and experts alike as a regulation level pick. For a cheaper option, seeSTIGA Advantage Professional Table Tennis, which is easy to assemble, compact for travel and suitable for all types of play.

What to look for in a ping pong table


Carlos Zeller, president ofBroward Table Tennis Clubthink that the surface of a table, or lid, is of the utmost importance.

"Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a common and great surface to look for when shopping for a ping pong table, and the thicker the MDF, the better," Zeller explains. He also adds that the thicker the table, the better the bounce. and the slightest chance to play could warp the table.

The thickness of the surface must be at least three quarters of an inch or 19 mm thick. Buyers will find that they range from a half inch to a full inch in most cases.

Schroeder adds that the material of the wood also plays a role. “The wood, the surface, was all chipped and painted,” he explains. "But the paint leaves color on the balls and slows down the bounce. Now most of the good brands use a thin varnish instead of paint, and the bounce is still fast and accurate."

where are you going to use

You can plan to use it mostly indoors, but there are ping pong tables designed for indoor and outdoor use, as well as some that you can leave out in the open. With outdoor types, pay close attention to the waterproofing of the materials used and see if the table also comes with a weather resistant cover. If you can, take a look at past verified customer reviews of the products to see how the tables hold up over time.

How and why you will use it

Ask yourself these questions: Do you use it occasionally for relaxing and family fun, or are you at a more serious competitive level where you need to play frequently? Maybe you just want to show it off during a birthday party, or maybe you're the type to wear it almost every day for practice. Depending on your goals and needs, there is a wide range of products available made from various types of materials and in a wide range of prices. Be sure to spend some time reading each one before you buy, and do a little comparison shopping between brands to get the best deal.

Frequent questions

  • What makes a good quality ping pong table?

    “It depends on what it's going to be used for,” says Zeller. Is it for training or recreation, and will it be used outside or inside? “Look for tables designed for the type of game you will be playing. As far as high-end brands go, I would recommend Butterfly, JOOLA and Stiga."

  • What ping pong tables do the pros use?

    David Heap, gift oftable tennissays that professional desks should have a top of good material with a good frame to support it. “A good material for a professional ping pong table would be chipped hardboard, which has a good bounce,” he explains.

    Schroeder adds that the type of ping pong table used by the pros depends on the tournament sponsor. “The World Championships, which just took place in Houston, Texas, used ping pong tables from a company called Double Happiness, which are made in China,” he says. “All the professional tournaments used to use tables made in Germany, but they got too expensive, so now they use different brands.”

  • What type of ping pong table would be best for a beginner?

    According to Schroeder, the best ping pong tables for beginners can be found at Sears, Costco, or other sporting goods stores for less. Heap recommends Kettler for quality tables that are also more affordable.

Why trust not Spruce?

KJ CallihanHe is a staff writer for The Spruce and has written numerous shopping guides for various publications, including AAA Northeast magazine, CNET, and Knoji. He loves shopping for his family and friends, and spent hours looking for the perfect ping pong tables for this story. For this guide, KJ interviewed three experts for his guidance in the world of ping pong, including Guenther Schroeder, CEO and owner ofamerican table tennisof Southfield, Michigan, David Heap, owner oftable tennisof Brea, California, and Carlos Zeller, president ofBroward Table Tennis Clubof Davie, Florida.

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