Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 3 review (2023)

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 3 Introduction

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The Invincible Run has been the gold standard when it comes to shoes with maximum cushioning for 2 years.
Unmatched for suppleness and energy return, the Invincible Run was a major step forward in running shoe innovation.

What makes the Invincible Run such a special shoe is the use of Nike's flagship ZoomX midsole foam, the very same PEBA-based foam used in their high-end running shoes. This is the only brand that does this with their maximum cushioning shoe.

The Invincible Run series has been by far my favorite maximum cushioning trainer for the last 2 years. No other running shoe offers so much impact protection and insane bounce.

Invincible Run 2 was a minor update, just superior, thoughThis year's Invincible Run 3 gets a complete overhaul.

Not only did Nike widen the midsole, but they also added foam for a higher pile height. There are some other additional tweaks that have changed the way Invincible Run 3 drives.

It weighs 310g (10.9 oz) for a men's US9, which is 32g (1.1 oz) heavier than the Invincible Run 2. It now has a stack height of 40mm in the heel and 31mm in the forefoot, extra 3mm in the heel and forefoot compared to its predecessor.

First impressions of the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 3

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Last year's version was half the size, but this time I ordered my full size. When it arrived and I tried it on I was relieved to find the fit was perfect. Invincible Run 3 is true to size.

My first run was an easy 9k and there were some big differences compared to the last 2 builds.

The most notable difference was the new heel clip, which now extends across the midfoot - I could feel it on the sides of my feet, which was a little annoying.

The other big difference was that Invincible Run 3 felt more grounded underfoot and wasn't as springy or as fun. Seems more reserved.

The heel lock wasn't as good as previous versions and I had to use a runner knot. My first run in the Invincible Run 3 was a little overwhelming, but it still felt very well cushioned and much softer than any other max cushioning shoe.


Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 3 Superior

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It's interesting that Nike changed the padded tongue from a full sleeve tongue to one without a gusset, but I still haven't felt any tongue slippage. The lack of an inner sleeve makes the upper thinner and more breathable. The mesh also feels softer and better ventilated than its predecessors.

(Video) ALL NEW NIKE INVINCIBLE 3 REVIEW | Still the best max cushioned shoe around?! Feat. @BenIsRunning

The padding on the outside of the collar has been removed and there is still a generous amount of padding in the collar, but the heel closure is lower as the heel is low so your heel sits higher in the shoe. I can't seem to over-tighten the laces to reduce heel slippage as this leads to other awkward fit issues in the narrow midfoot.

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The Invincible Run 3 has a less roomy fit than previous versions, and you no longer have to downsize. It has a narrow midfoot so is not suitable for wide feet, but it does have a regular width forefoot and toe box.

A new addition to the upper is a reflective heel loop that runs vertically along the entire heel.

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 3-unit sole

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Invincible Run 3 is a prime example of a brand trying to change too much. When that happens, he distances himself from the original product that made fans fall in love with him and made him such a popular shoe from the start.

Invincible Run 3 feels tighter than its predecessorsbecause it has a furry white strobel lining under the footbed. This is essentially an extra layer between your feet and the soft foam in the midsole. In earlier versions, the feet sat directly on the foam with only the thin insole in between.

The new Strobel lining keeps your feet from sinking into the ZoomX's soft goodness. The result of this change is greater stability and a more controlled ride.

(Video) Nike Invincible 3 Review - My (HONEST) initial thoughts.. Is it worth the upgrade?

It seems to me that the energetic ZoomX has been watered down, and I wish I could shorten the shoe's lightning lining.

The Invincible Run 3 is most comfortable taking simple steps slower than 5:30 minutes per km (8:52 minutes per mile). If you want to pick up the pace for parts of a run, you can easily do so thanks to the midsole's high energy return. I wouldn't recommend it for full runs at speeds under 5 minutes per km (8 minutes per mile) because it's too heavy and bulky.

The Invincible Run 3 is now the maximum 40mm allowed for World Athletics racing, and while they've added 3mm of extra foam in the forefoot and heel, it doesn't feel any more cushioned than the Invincible Run 2. Result of the Strobel -Lining makes the ride firmer.

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Nike says on the product page that the heel clip on the back of the Invincible Run 3 has been shortened, and while it was slimmer, the clip now extends further forward into the midfoot, making it longer (similar to the heel clip in Endless Run 3 ). This makes the back of the shoe stiffer and gives it more structure so it doesn't twist as much.

I think since I have flat feet I can feel the heel on the sides of my foot. This heel clip is meant to guide the foot through the gait cycle, but in reality it is very distracting. On long runs, this stinging bugs me so much that I have to loosen the laces a lot to create more room in the midfoot of the shoe.

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The midsole has a redesigned geometry that protrudes even more in the forefoot than previous versions. This geometry creates a wider, more stable base, but also makes the forefoot stiffer. Combined with the new durable Strobel, the Invincible Run 3 forefoot has less forefoot flex and this results in faster transitions.

On the medial side of the rearfoot midsole is a raised orange "stamp" with the full name of the shoe, and it looks like it could be a medial post that prevents excessive ankle rotation. However, this is not the case and is just a design feature so as not to spoil the ride.


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The sole still uses very thin and very soft rubber to keep the ride smooth. In the sole of the Invincible Run 3 there is less rubber in the midfoot area compared to the previous versions with full sole coverage, so the sole of the 3rd version is less durable.

There are small bumps sticking out of the rubber, but they are very soft and don't grip very well on wet surfaces. I was going down a small wet slope, slipped and fell because the grip was so bad.

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 3 Fazit

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If you ever found Invincible Run too muddy and wobbly, you'll be very happy with this new version that offers a tighter, more controlled ride.due to the extra strobel that stays under the insole. It also has a stiffer forefoot so it feels a bit more agile.

If you loved the pristine energy return and extreme jump of the first two versions, you'll be disappointed with Invincible Run 3. I fall into this camp. To me, Invincible Run 3 feels less special and not as comfortable in the driving department. The new longer heel clip digs into the sides of my feet and the heel lock isn't as secure.

I don't think Invincible Run 3 is a good update. Not only is it firmer, but it's also over an ounce heavier than its predecessor. I think what Nike was trying to do with this update was make it more practical to appeal to a wider audience, but the result is a more ordinary, less fun shoe. The only thing I like about it is the slimmer and more modern design.

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(Video) 耐克INVINCIBLE RUN 3 FK实战体验

If you want a firmer, more stable everyday Nike shoe, there's already thatInfinity race 3ePegasus 39Therefore, making Invincible Run more similar to other React-based neutral trainers doesn't make sense.

The Invincible Run 3 feels like a missed opportunity to perfect an already great shoe. All they had to do was cut some of the bump off the top and make it lighter.

The Invincible 3 is still the softest shoe on the market, but it's not as comfortable as other max-cushioned shoes like thetrump 20,glycerin 20and even theUltraboost 22then it fell into the pecking order for me.


Is Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit good for walking? ›

Many people will also use the Invincible as a casual shoe for walking and standing, and it's ideal for those use-cases as well. The wide and deep ZoomX midsole never seems to run out of comfort, and the upper fit is well-proportioned.

Does the Nike Invincible have a carbon plate? ›

The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 2 is a premium daily trainer for those who love the bounce of ZoomX (the foam used in the Vaporfly and Alphafly). The shoe does not have a plate, so it relies on its unique geometry to stabilize its thick ZoomX midsole.

How long does ZoomX foam last? ›

This shoe is meant for marathons but not training for marathons. I would say this shoe can last about 4 to 5 marathons which is ~200-250 miles. This is much lower than other carbon fiber plate shoes and definitely lower than a trainer.

When did the Nike ZoomX invincible come out? ›

Nike ZoomX Invincible Release Date

According to Nike the Invincible will be released globally begining January 7th, 2021!

Is the Nike ZoomX invincible a stability? ›

The wide platform of the Invincible provides more stability than the thinner width Novablast, but there is a familiarity there. In terms of Nike daily trainers, if the Pegasus 37 works for you, I think it is a more versatile shoe than the Invincible, but it's certainly not as comfortable.

What advantages does the Nike Flyknit have over other shoes? ›

Breathable. Supportive. Nike Flyknit technology uses high-strength fibres to create lightweight uppers with targeted areas of support, stretch and breathability.

What are the cons of Nike ZoomX invincible? ›

Nike Invincible Run is too wide & too tall

At 118.4mm wide on the forefoot and 101.5mm wide in the heel, this is the widest platform we've tested to date. This is a large part of the weight of the shoe, but it's needed. Without this extra-wide base, these shoes would be unusable, as they are still insanely unstable.

How long do carbon plate shoes last? ›

How long do carbon plate running shoes last? While a normal shoe with rubber fittings might last upto 500 miles or so, a carbon plate shoe might last 300 miles at the most. Can slow runners benefit from carbon-plated shoes?

Do Nike Invincibles run big? ›

The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run fits true to size. There's good room for toe splay in the toe box, a narrower midfoot (though not as narrow as the Tempo Next%), and a very traditional running shoe heel. This is the first ZoomX shoe with a traditional heel and it feels luxurious by comparison.

Can you wear foam runners everyday? ›

Like Kanye's Yeezy Slides, what makes the Foam Runners so great (aside from how out-of-this-world they look) is that they can be a house shoe or you can just wear them out like any other every-day footwear that's in your closet.

What shoes broke the 2 hour marathon? ›

The Nike Alphafly - the shoe worn by Eliud Kipchoge when he became the first person to run a marathon in under two hours in Vienna in October - has been banned indefinitely under the new rules.

How many miles do Nike Zoom Fly flyknit last? ›

The insole says “RACING”, and runners have unofficially found that the carbon fiber plate begins to wear out after 100 miles, so a thin rubber outsole makes sense when you consider this shoe as a racing shoe.

What Nikes was Doc wearing in Back to the Future? ›

As Doc hopped in and out of his time-traveling DeLorean car, he sports a pair of Nike Vandals. Debuting in the 1980s, the Nike Vandal was a predecessor to the Nike Air Force 1 as the next, newly updated basketball sneaker.

Does Nike ZoomX have carbon plate? ›

Two Zoom Air pods and a propulsive plate deliver efficient energy return. Our most responsive ZoomX foam paired with a carbon-fiber plate delivers a fast, propulsive sensation. Two Zoom Air pods, ZoomX foam, and a carbon fiber plate provide a cushioning platform that makes it our fastest racing shoe.

What are Nike Invincibles? ›

OUR VERDICT. The Nike Invincible Run Flyknit 2 is the max-cushioned trainer with the softest and bounciest ride on the market. Its ZoomX midsole has remarkable energy return and cushioning which makes it great for easy runs as well as steady-paced runs.

Is ZoomX good for walking? ›

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit Running Shoes

And, she pointed out, they're not just an excellent option for the beginning runner: “These shoes are super comfortable to walk in—I wore them to run errands after a morning run and felt like I could walk around all day in them.” Available in sizes 5 to 12.

What is the lifespan of Nike shoes? ›

When should I replace my running shoes? Brookes, Nike, and ASICS state their shoes are designed to last 300-500 miles, roughly 3-6 months if you ran 20 miles a week on average.

What is special about Nike Flyknit? ›

Nike Flyknit technology uses high-strength fibers to create lightweight uppers with targeted areas of support, stretch and breathability.

Why do people prefer Nike over Adidas? ›

Nike's scale is a big advantage, adidas doesn't even come close. adidas looks cheaper than Nike and has been a better growth story, but there is a reason for Nike's high valuation. Nike is better managed than adidas and has a stronger brand. Nike is a better long-term buy, in my opinion.

Do you have to wear socks with Nike Flyknit? ›

Go Sockless

Though you can wear socks with the Nike Free Flyknit, the intent is that you don't. The upper has been engineered to conform to your foot and feel like a sock.

Is the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit a neutral shoe? ›

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit

Another great option for a neutral shoe that has features mimicking a stability shoe, the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit has lightweight foam in the sole. These are cushioned without adding additional weight and are suitable for long runs.

Do Nike Zoom make you faster? ›

Four percent faster, according to Nike. That means that if you're running a two-hour half marathon, simply trading out your shoes for the Vaporflys could improve your time by almost five minutes. Maybe that is why so many elite runners have bought into the shoe.

What are the disadvantages of carbon plate shoes? ›

Carbon plate is a rigid material, so the shoe does not bend much, increasing the load on the foot, ankle and calf. Weakness in these areas combined with heavy use of carbon plate shoes can lead to extra strain and injury.

What are the disadvantages of carbon-fiber shoes? ›

This stiff carbon plate can drastically increase the risk of injury, especially for less well-trained athletes. This is because the stiff carbon sole puts more strain on the muscles in the calves and also puts above-average strain on the Achilles tendon.

Should you always run in carbon shoes? ›

They are an obvious choice for race day, but we recommend wearing carbon-fibre running shoes during your shorter, quicker efforts, like intervals, hill sprints and general speed work. You can also use them during tempo runs, especially when you're practicing your race pace.

Should I order a size up in Nike? ›

Nike shoes tend to run smaller than most and tend to also have a narrower toe box. This means that most people will have to buy a size up to fit into a Nike shoe.

Do I need to size up for Nike? ›

How do Nike sneakers fit? Most Nike shoes are true to size (TTS), so buy the size you would normally do. It's always indicated in the product description if a silhouette runs small or large.

Why does Nike run so small? ›

Do Nike Shoes Run Big Or Small? Overall, Nike has a reputation for running small. While the length is generally normal, the smaller fit comes from pairs with stiffer padding or a narrower width.

Are you supposed to wear socks with foam runners? ›

Should I wear socks? Let's cut it short: socks are needed. Don't delude yourself that you can leave your feet free to sweat in your Foam Runners, but rather start thinking about the right pair that can match the rest of your outfit.

Why do people wear foam runners? ›

They're surprisingly comfortable with noticeably soft cushion that molds to your foot. They are both visually and functionally durable, anecdotally lasting much longer than other 100% foam shoes. With all of the holes in them, they're extremely well-ventilated.

What shoe is banned from marathons? ›

Nike Vaporfly ban: why World Athletics had to act against the high-tech shoes.

What shoes do marathon winners wear? ›

While Nike broke the mold, Adidas has been racking up plenty of awards as well. According to the brand, 60% of 2021 World Major Marathon wins were by athletes wearing this super shoe's predecessor — the Adizero Adios Pro 2.

Do marathoners take walk breaks? ›

On every long run, you should take a one- to two-minute walk break every two to eight minutes. If you're just beginning to run, you'll walk more than you'll run. Experienced marathoners will recover much faster from their long runs when they take one-minute walk breaks at least every eight minutes.

How long does flyknit last? ›

We expect a lifetime mileage of 450 miles from the Nike React Infinity 3. Nike's React foam – a synthetic rubber blend – has proven fairly durable based on the shoes we've reviewed. The Flyknit upper doesn't feel flimsy, so it should hold up over several hundred miles.

What can I use instead of Nike Zoom Fly? ›


The Saucony Endorphin Speed V2 is often seen as a direct competitor to the Zoom Fly 4, and that's for a good reason. Like the Fly 4, the Endorphin Speed has an internal plate inside a cushioned midsole that results in a speed-friendly marathon shoe.

Are Nike Zoom flyknit good for running? ›

They are super lightweight and feel great on your feet. The Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit shoes feature the same carbon fibre plate as the iconic Nike Vaporfly shoes which is designed to help propel you off the ground and I'd say this certainly works for these shoes. They're very bouncy, springy, and help you to run faster.

Which shoes did Steve Jobs wear? ›

A pair of Birkenstock sandals famously worn by late billionaire Steve Jobs for 20 years as he grew Apple into the tech giant it is today sold for $218,750 at auction, more than three times as much as expected.

What was Miles Morales shoes? ›

The Air Jordan 1 Origin Story Spider-Verse (Style Code: 555088-602) celebrates the release of Marvel's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with Miles Morales.

Is Nike ZoomX durable? ›

IS THE NIKE ZOOMX INVINCIBLE RUN 2 DURABLE? What is this? Apart from the midsole creasing and gradual wear and tear on the outsole, the Invincible Run 2 should last 400 miles. Not only is the V2's forefoot mesh thicker, but it's also reinforced on either side.

What is Nike's fastest running shoe? ›

The Alphafly, Nike's self-described fastest shoe to date, is touted by the company as a “collaboration” with the man who is both the ultimate poster child for the shoe's efficacy and a kind of talisman for all that is good and wholesome about the sport of distance running.

Do carbon plated shoes make you run faster? ›

For someone who's doing a 2:04 marathon, and has a 3% running economy improvement, this means they will run the marathon 1.97% faster: 2:01:36.
How much faster can you be in carbon-plated running shoes.
Finish time2.5% improved finish time
3 more rows
Aug 29, 2021

Is Nike ZoomX Invincible a stability shoe? ›

With the Invincible Run, it seems that with ZoomX, Nike has found the magic formula to offer a snappy and plush ride for daily training. However, there's a small caveat: the midsole of the Invincible consists only of foam. Therefore, there's no Air unit or carbon plate to give structure and improve stability.

Can Nike running shoes be used for walking? ›

Running Shoes. You'll find Nike's walking shoes listed as running shoes, but don't panic. Our running innovations can take your walking game up a step, too. Though they happen at different speeds and involve different degrees of shock absorption, the same pair of shoes can accommodate both walking and running movements ...

Is it OK to buy running shoes for walking? ›

Cushioning is also required in different parts of the foot when we compare walking to running. Generally, walking shoes tend to be more flexible and heavily cushioned than their running-focused counterparts. Walking in running shoes, then, can lead to impact injuries that proper walking shoes are designed to ward off.

Can I walk around in running shoes? ›

Can running shoes be used as walking shoes? The short answer: yes. Running shoes and walking shoes have similar qualities that make them ideal for being active. While running shoes are designed to be durable for the rigorous demands of running, they are excellent as walking shoes, too.

What are the best shoes for standing all day? ›

Best Work Shoe for Standing All Day: adidas Ultraboost 22 Men's | adidas Ultraboost 22 Women's. Best Athletic Shoe for Standing All Day: Hoka One One Bondi 7 Men's | Hoka One One Bondi 7 Women's. Best Men's Shoe for Standing All Day: Nike Air Zoom Tempo. Best Women's Shoe for Standing All Day: Nike React Infinity 3.

Are Nike good for plantar fasciitis? ›

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

The design of this rigorously tested Nike walking shoe will help reduce plantar fasciitis pain and overpronation, as well. Its high-foam sole keeps the bottom of the foot comfortable for long stretches of time, while the wide, roomy forefoot provides stability and prevents rolling.

Is it OK to wear running shoes casually? ›

Running shoes are specially designed for comfortable running. But those same features give you the support and comfort that makes them great for casual wear. You could even consider wearing them on a hike if it's flat enough!

Are training shoes better than running shoes for walking? ›

A running shoe will provide you with more support and cushioning for walking long distances than a training shoe. If you're just going for a short, casual stroll, any type of comfortable shoe is fine. But if you're race walking, marathon walking, hiking or walking long distances, a running shoe will be a better bet.


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