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The Babolat Pure Drive racquet series has always been aimed at clean ball strikers looking to maximize the power in their game.

It's a great racket for adding extra pop to your shots without sacrificing feel or spin. The Pure Drive Plus is a thoroughbred racquet in the long line of racquets in the Pure Drive series.

It has an extended length that really helps you generate a little more leverage, power and spin on the ball.

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Originally launched in the early 2000s alongside Andy Roddick, Pure Drive Plus is now a mainstay of Babolat.

This racquet was great for giving Roddick that extra kick on his wild serves, so it's perfect for players who want light power from their racquet!

I have to say I'm a big fan of the look of the new Pure Drive range. It's sleek and much more understated than previous versions. The signature blue color scheme still stands out and is instantly recognizable as a Pure Drive, but this new generation is particularly stylish.

It's a stiffer racquet than I'm used to, but it really helped give me extra control and stability when hitting the ball hard. The stiffness also really made the ball explode off the racquet so it was great to deflect the ball with power effortlessly.

The new SWX Pure Feel technology really helps absorb unwanted shock that a stiffer racquet can often transmit to your arm, so you can play comfortably with this racquet too.

It works by adding a thin layer of rubber between the carbon fiber weave, giving the frame extra cushioning.

Overall, this is a powerful yet controllable racquet that feels incredibly solid and hits with confidence.

Where some previous Pure Drive generations lacked some feel, this new version more than makes up for it. It's pretty soft for such a tough racquet and one I've definitely had a good time with!


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When you approach a racquet like the Pure Drive you can always expect it to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to power generation. That's not to say it produces all its power without input for you, but it will certainly lend you a helping hand.

However, powerful racquets can sometimes be a bit confusing.

Sometimes you can use an oversized, heavy racquet, which of course will give you a lot of extra punch, but will actually take away from the feel and control.

These racquets can also feel dead or disconnected due to their stiffer composition and thicker beam width.

However, I'm happy to report that the Pure Drive Plus is a delight! It's much friendlier and more approachable when it comes to controllable performance than its predecessors. New technologies make a big difference.

(Video) Babolat Pure Drive Review

While it's still a stiff racquet designed to generate power and spin with ease, it's not a one-trick pony. You can rest assured that the ball will stay in the field even as you try to hit consistently low.

With this racquet you can achieve a really solid "thick" ball contact. This means you can land a heavy, powerful topspin groundstroke without having to use all your strength every time.

The racquet rewards big shots so I found it really helped my forehand as I turned the screw.

While it doesn't generate as much spin as itsQueens Aero PlusIt's counterpart effortlessly added a little more power and felt a bit more solid overall.

The open string pattern meant I could have plenty of spin when needed, but this racquet really excelled at getting past the ball quickly as the name suggests!

I found it easy to flip a point and land an aggressive shot from a defensive position. This is a real asset for shot makers looking to rack up points on their terms.

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Surprisingly, the extra length didn't result in an extra weight load when turning compared to the standard.Pure drive.

This made the volley easier to handle and the racket was well balanced in the hand. Not as delicate as some of your more traditional sentimentsWilsonCompetitors, but that was never the top priority for the Pure Drive family.

The Pure Drive Plus was great at soaking up excess vibration from oncoming fastballs, making it comfortable to deflect the ball with pace. I felt like one of the Bryan brothersVolleywith this bat!

However, that thick contact, which was a real strength on deep, hard groundstrokes, meant it was a little harder to actually cut through the ball and hit short, angled volleys.

Although the racquet felt connected to the ball, it took a little longer than I would have liked to dial in and modulate my touch shots. This wasn't a big problem though as the ball didn't come back very often when I hit my forehand!


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My serve is one of my greatest strengths in my game. It's a weapon that I use to open up the court and build up points.

I'm always looking for a racquet that gives me easy access to power so I can focus on positioning while still being able to find the angles and turns I want. It helps me a lot to mix things up and keep my opponent on his toes so he doesn't find rhythm.

Therefore it can be quite difficult to find a racquet that meets all these requirements. Pure Drive Plus came pretty close!

This emphasized the power side of the equation as the increased length really helped me speed up my first serve without tiring too quickly. Surprisingly, the racquet also gave me enough control and spin to hit big serves and find my spots easily.

It was invigorating to serve with a racquet that offered so much easy power. It made building points a lot easier as I often got a defensive reaction on both the first and second serves!

Turn back

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Using a stronger racquet when returning serves is what I would prefer most of the time as long as the ball can be controlled and directed back into court with ease.

(Video) Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Tennis Racquet Review and Playtest Verdict

This is often a disadvantage of power-oriented racquets, as they lack the cushioning and spin potential needed to provide the necessary control.

However, the Pure Drive plus delivered in both departments. It's lively enough to help you rip your returns with interest, while still retaining that crisp feel on contact. You can mix really well with this racket.

The ball can be blocked back with depth, so you don't have to take too many risks to push the opponent back and neutralize the point. However, if you attack a second serve, you can force the ball away.

This was particularly useful on my backhand swing, allowing me to push the ball back with little to no backswing and still shoot winners with little effort.


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In short, I really enjoyed playing with Babolat Pure Drive Plus. It was a refreshingly controllable racquet for such a performance-oriented design. It stands out from the crowd but still feels good and is a racquet that plays as well as it looks.

It rewards big shots, meaning you can feel confident going in and smashing the ball, safe in the knowledge that the added cushioning and spin potential will keep your ball on court.

While it's not the perfect racquet, it's a good choice for onemediatorPlayers looking for a forgiving racquet that offers easy access to power and an overall solid feel.

The Pure Drive Plus is a joy to play, so be sure to try it before you buy your next racquet!

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(Video) Babolat Pure Drive + Racquet Review

Turn back


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What is the difference between Pure Drive and Pure Drive Plus? ›

If you're looking to add more power into the popular Pure Drive, this extended length version is the answer. With the Pure Drive Plus, Babolat adds some heat to shots thanks to the additional leverage of an extra half-inch of racquet length.

Is Babolat Pure Drive worth it? ›

Both professional and recreational tennis players have loved the Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet since it first came out. The Pure Drive's power, feel and control suit competitive players, while the big sweet spot helps juniors, beginners, and intermediate players learn and quickly improve their game.

Who uses Babolat Pure Drive Plus? ›

The Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus is one of the most powerful rackets in the world. Famously wielded by monster hitter, Andy Roddick, the extended length racket packs a brutal punch and delivers an unbelievably heavy ball.

Do any pros use Babolat Pure Drive? ›

Babolat Pure Drive racquets are endorsed on tour by Karolina Pliskova, Fabio Fognini, Garbine Muguruza, Julia Goerges, and Bob and Mike Bryan. It is one of the most popular tennis racquets for professionals, college players, and recreational players as well.

Why is Babolat Pure Drive so popular? ›

Much as Babolat talks about the Pure Drive as the power racket in the company's range, it is effectively the all-rounder. Its light weight makes it very manoeuvrable, and some players opt for it more for the feel it offers on the volley than for its power from the back of the court.

Can a beginner use a Babolat Pure Drive? ›

“The Pure Drive will grow with someone,” Choy says. “Babolat has earned a reputation for making player-friendly rackets — beginners use them, a lot of the players on my team use them, as do major players.”

Is Wilson or Babolat better? ›

Generally speaking, Babolat rackets tend to be more geared towards baseliners that love ripping heavy ground strokes, whereas Wilson rackets are generally better suited to aggressive players that like to attack the net.

What tension should I use for Pure Drive? ›

The recommended tension range for the Babolat Pure Drive is 50-59 pounds (23-27 kg). Babolat recommends stringing this frame with their RPM Power and Excel strings. The Pure Drive is a higher powered frame and RPM Blast strings can help maximize topspin for greater control.

Is Babolat Pure Drive heavy? ›

The Babolat Pure Drive weighs in at 300g, but has a decent 321 swingweight, and just feels extremely manoeuvrable.

Is pure aero better than Pure Drive? ›

Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

It has a higher stiffness than the Pure Aero, at 71 RA, but the rest of the specs are pretty much the same as the Aero. The racquet allows for incredible power from the back of the court. However, the Pure Drive is highly controllable and quite maneuverable.

What racket is similar to Babolat Pure Drive? ›

Yonex EZONE 100

The EZONE 100 has user-friendly blend of speed, spin and power that lines up well with the Pure Drive. It has a responsive, lively feel at contact. If there were a point of difference that our playtesters picked up on, it is that the EZONE 100 has slightly more control than the Pure Drive.

What is the best Babolat racquet for an intermediate player? ›

The 2021 Babolat Pure Drive provides an unmatched combination of power and control, making it one of the best tennis racquets for doubles or singles. If you're transitioning from beginner to intermediate, or even intermediate to advanced, this is an excellent choice.

Which Babolat racquet is best? ›

The Best Babolat Tennis Rackets (for Every Type of Player)
  • 1) Best Babolat For Control: Babolat Pure Strike 18×20.
  • 2) Best For Power: Babolat Pure Drive 107 2021.
  • 3) Best For Beginners: Babolat Boost Aero Yellow.
  • 4) Best For Tennis Elbow: Babolat Evoke 105 – 2021.
  • 5) Best Under $100: Babolat Boost Drive 2021.

Who is Pure Drive for? ›

Perfect for the intermediate player who wants a more maneuverable Pure Drive. Also recommended to strong beginners in search of power, precision and spin.

Which Babolat is arm friendly? ›

Babolat Pure Drive 110

The Pure Drive 110 is a forgiving racket that comes with an extended 27.6in length and thicker beam. This is a great racket for those looking to generate power whilst retaining comfort and playability.

Is Babolat made in China? ›

Yes, Babolat rackets are manufactured in China (like many other rackets from well-known brands).

What is the best Babolat tennis racket for beginners? ›

The top 5 best Babolat rackets for beginners are the Babolat Boost Aero Yellow, the Babolat Boost Drive 2021, the Babolat EVO Drive 115 Wimbledon, the Babolat Pure Drive 110 2021, and the Babolat Pure Aero.

What is Pure Drive Plus? ›

The Pure Drive Plus is a thoroughbred in the long line of rackets in Pure Drive line up. It features an extended length, that really helps you generate that extra bit of leverage, power and spin on the ball.

What is the difference between Babolat Pure Drive and Pure Drive Team? ›

It's no wonder the Pure Drive is one of most popular and versatile racquets in the world. The 10th generation of the Pure Drive takes your game to the next level with point-ending explosive power and increased feel. The Pure Drive Team is dedicated to players seeking a powerful but lighter racket for better handling.

What is the difference between Pure Drive and Pure Drive Lite? ›

The Pure Drive is known for its ability to generate big power and spin and that is no different with the Babolat Pure Drive Lite. The Pure Drive Lite has shed a fair bit of weight compared to its bigger brother, weighing in at 270g unstrung vs 300g unstrung for the regular Pure Drive.

What string tension for pure drive plus? ›

Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Strings & Tension

The recommended tension range for the Babolat Pure Drive 2021 is 50-59 pounds (23-27 kg).

How much does the pure drive plus weigh? ›

The Babolat 2021 Pure Drive Plus features an attractive new mirror cosmetic for one of the best selling tennis racquets in the world. The Pure Drive makes power accessible to tons of playing styles thanks in part to the light 10.6 ounce unstrung weight, and spacious 100 square inch head.

What Wilson racquet is similar to Babolat Pure Drive? ›

Wilson Clash 100

The Clash 100, like the Pure Drive, makes hitting with depth and pace feel easy.

Why are Babolat rackets so popular? ›

Why do people like Babolat rackets? People like Babolat rackets because their playing characteristics appeal to a relatively large number of players, they are made poplar through sponsorships with professional players and their racket frames are well researched, designed and developed.


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